OM1125 OxyMask with 7 Feet Tubing

OM1125 OxyMask with 7 Feet Tubing

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Southmedic OxyMask Oxygen Mask is a latex and DEHP free mask designed for patient safety and comfort. This mask reduces carbon dioxide rebreathing. The risk of emesis (vomit) aspiration is reduced, too. Also, this mask works with patients whether they breathe through their mouth or their nose.

In addition to improved patient safety, the OxyMask aims to be more comfortable. It is designed to prevent claustrophobia as well as heat and humidity build-up. Also, the holes promote clear communication between the patient and loved ones or doctors. The holes provide easy access to the mouth for oral medication as well without the need to remove the mask.

This oxygen mask is capable of delivering oxygen flows from one to fifteen liters per minute with concentrations ranging from twenty four to ninety percent oxygen. It also comes with seven feet of tubing.

  • Prevents Claustrophobia, Heat and Humidity Build-Up
  • Promotes Clear Communication
  • Reduces CO2 Rebreathing
  • Easy Access for Oral Medication
  •  Product Number: OM-1125
  • Tubing Length: 7 Foot
  • FiO2: 24% to 90%
  • Oxygen Flow: 1 to 15 LPM
  • Latex Free
  • DEHP Free