Oxygen Concentrator Rental

How to Rent

Order can be made by Phone at 1-323-806-3918 or email (oxytechus@gmail.com). We are happy to help you with your rental or answer any questions you may have during customer service hours.

We need a signed Rental Agreement to ship out your concentrator. When you place your order, we will email you with a copy of the rental agreement and instructions to send it back to us. Also we will need a doctor’s prescription.

Shipping for all rentals is $100; there is a 7 day minimum on all shipped rental units.

We will ship out the unit along with prepaid shipping label, instructions and packing materials.

Once the rental period is over, the Renter repackages the unit in the original packaging and attaches the PREPAID label.

The Renter can drop off the unit at any authorized FedEx Stores or call FedEx for a pick up.

All rental will include FREE kit: 2 Adult Cannulas, 2 Masks and 2 Extension Hose 7 Feet.